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Tacera Tag is a proven reliable infant protection technology that provides the highest level of security with little training and administration time needed to fully operate the system.

Having an infant protection system in place within your Hospital allows for Mothers and Healthcare personnel to have peace of mind against the risk of baby abductions or mother/baby mismatches.

Tacera Tag integrates the infant protection system to Tacera's IP based Nurse Call Solution within a Hospital enabling alerts to sound across the Hospital through a Number of different devices so Healthcare personnel and security can be notified to an alert immediately once activated within the system.

Tacera Tag has a range of triggers which will signal an alarm on the system if any potentially dangerous situations occur such as a tag strap being cut, removed or tampered with, a signal not being received from a tag contrary to a pre-set time interval, a tag wearer being detected in an unauthorized location, any attempt to tailgate (this is the term for closely following or joining an authorized person through a monitored exit), an exit Through a protected doorway without authorization, if a tag is low on battery power or if a mother and baby are mismatched to each other.

Tacera tag is easy to install with minimal maintenance needed once in operation. The tags are lightweight, hypoallergenic, water resistant and comfortable to wear for the mother and Baby.




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