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Modern industrial and commercial businesses require more and more high technology, both in equipment and in control functions. This consequently, means high investment and the increasing importance of continuous operation guaranteed by uninterrupted power.

As pioneers of the electrical grid, LEVER, established in 1973, has quickly become one of the most important Italian manufacturers of power conversions. All the components inside the UPS systems are manufactured according Lever own technical specifications. Electronic and software design are owned by Lever

LEVER offers a full-range of premium, cost effective solutions, from power conversion modules and high reliability UPS systems to industrial chargers and DC systems, renowned for their reliability, especially in extremely challenging industrial and climatic environments.

The know-how developed during the years with important projects in different fields (Energy, Oil and Gas, Transport, and Communication) has enabled LEVER to build a good reputation also abroad.

Nowadays LEVER brand is known in the "power solutions market worldwide" thanks also to the co-operation with foreign partners.

SPS provides a complete range of both 1-phase and 3-phase UPS products to ensure a constant supply of clean and reliable power for mission critical and industrial applications.

In addition to the wide range of UPS systems, SPS offers project management, planning services for end-customers and consultants, and comprehensive UPS support services.




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