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SPS designs and integrates today's most advanced interactive audio-visual tools. With strategic technology partners across the region, SPS integrates the electronic systems and infrastructure that enable voice, video, data and control communications across a common network.

SPS provides consultancy services that include needs, assessment, physical surveys, conceptual system development, engineering, specifications and documentation. SPS provides practical and innovative solutions for all types of applications: control centres, data visualization, integrated security and facilities management, networked media and data centres, video conferencing and eLearning.

Smart Multimedia Solutions Division envisions audio-visual technology as follows:

Starting from bottom to up, the basic building blocks are:

  • Audio-visual components/elements
  • Specialized Subsystems
  • Complete functional systems

    Turning these building blocks into an integrated solution:

  • Video Teleconference
  • Digital Signage
  • Digital Public Address
  • Integrated Control Systems
  • LCD/LED Display
  • Large Display walls.
  • Video Projectors

    Applying the above integrated solutions into fully functional Applications:

  • Collaborative Applications (Digital Conference, Video Teleconference, Integrated Control ,Furniture solutions Meeting Rooms , Class Rooms , Auditoriums , Lecture Halls , etc.)
  • Infotainment Applications (Digital Signage, Video Walls, 3D projects, LED Display etc.)
  • Mission Critical Applications (Command and Control Centers, Data Centers, Emergency Announcement Systems




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