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An essential feature of any hotel, tourist facility, school or hospital is an effective sound system for distributing more than one sound programme to each room or common area. The possibility of using the system to broadcast general or alarm announcements that can be activated even when the receivers are switched off odds value and usefulness to the sound system.

SPS designs and installs simple and complex sound systems using a wide range of coponents from PASO of Italy.PASO is one of the few enterprises in this field able to boast their own original in-house design, and manufacturing system for a full range of products, from the most complex and sophisticated equipment to the simplest accessories.

Sound installations, particularly if they are complex, must be supplemented by sophisticated management and diagnostic sstems for the various components and Control systems. They must feature flexible selection of inputs and outputs and flexible interfacing with external peripheral units.

The PASO PMS2000 system is available for these applications and other more demanding ones. It is an extremely versatile professional modular amplification system capable of meeting the most complex plant specifications.

PASO conference systems are also found on boardrom tables,in parliaments and at congress facilities all over the world. There are two families of PASO products for conferences: the systems marketed under the exclusive 'Aula' brand and those of the CS1066/CS1100 range. The two families differ in terms of their applications and of the number of options at disposal. Both families stand out for their excellent performance levels.




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