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In order to enhance its range of premises protection products, SPS has recently launched a comprehensive range of outdoor Perimeter detection products. The supplier of these products is CIAS of Italy.

CIAS has been operating in the security market since 1974, in the field of research, development and manufacture of security equipment and systems. CIAS is internationally renowned for it's:

  • ARMIDOR-Volumetric Microwave Detector operating on the Doppler Principle. It is a revolutionary product, designed to detect movement in external situations and is particularly suitable for areas where other types of external detector cannot be used nor give full coverage.

  • ERMO482X- Digital microwave barrier with digital signal analysis for ranges of 50, 80, 120, and 200.The internal microprocessor uses fuzzy logic that analyses the received signal giving very high performance in detection probability and low false alarm rates.

  • Newton-active infrared quad-emission barriers with an attractive design. Newton barrier is especially useful for protecting single-family homes, warehouses, facades, roofs, walled areas, parking lots, and storage facilities.

    The CIAS products are currently used to protect nuclear power plants, high-security prisons, military and civil airports, banks, large factories, detached houses, apartments, and shopping malls.




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